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Every piece of web property can be optimized for ease of access. Your website, product listings, and services must be properly structured to encourage customer action. At Jayken Solutions, our team of SEO Specialists will optimize your web property with the latest practices to improve your position on search engine result pages and avoid penalties.

The catchphrase that is generally associated with Search Engine Optimization is "Content is King" however, the truth is, content is king, queen, prince, and princess. The content for your site must be directly related to the product or service you sell, no exceptions. This way, your brand will rise in rank with ease.

At Jayken Solutions, we view content as the most important ranking factor. Content is not limited to text an images but actionable items such as contact forms, "add to cart" and "checkout" buttons, internal links, drop downs, and many options used regularly by customers.

As Search Engines become more in tune with our activity, one thing is for certain, your brand name is your most powerful digital asset. Your brand name carries with it your company and the men and women who make your business operate.

Your brand name reflects your activities, process, and delivery which serve your customers and community. At Jayken Solutions, we optimize your brand name with written, images, video, and social sharing promotion to make your stand out and above your competition. Your brand provides the best products and services, let us tell the world!